This is me?!!

First off Welcome!

This is the craziest journey I have set out for and I am thrilled to share this experience with all of you. I have always had a dream to write. Yes, my first title of my first blog post is supposed to have a question mark in it! The reason for this, is aren’t we all trying to figure this out?  You are constantly learning about yourself and growing! Well to start off I suppose you should all know who you are dealing with, first off I am a mom! That pretty much sums up a huge part of my identity, though my life is surrounded by raising three wonderfully crazy children,  as I am learning isn’t all of who I am. (still figuring all the out.)  I am just an everyday mom, full time job, full time student, currently experiencing life, a mom who has a lot to say. One that is finding herself through the challenges she faces.